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Amplifiers, Precision Power Supplies & MRI Products - References

IECO has delivered worldwide over 1000 gradient amplifier and magnet power supply systems & related equipment to its customers. IECO's equipment is found especially in MRI applications, both with human scanning and in research systems but also increasingly in other applications where precision bipolar magnet power supplies are needed.


List of selected references:


Picker International Inc.

Outlook 0.23T Magnet Power Supply

Outlook 0.23T Gradient Amplifier System 150A/380V

Outlook 0.23T Gradient Amplifier System 175A/380V

Proview/Openview 0.23T Magnet Power Supply

Proview 0.23T Gradient Amplifier System 230A/380V

0.23T Resistive Magnet Cooling System TCU-200

Openview 0.23T Gradient Amplifier System 145A/380V


Philips Medical Systems

Panorama 0.6T Gradient Amplifier System 250A/750V

Panorama 0.6T Power Supply for Superconductive Magnet

Panorama 0.23T Gradient Amplifier System 270A/380V


Paramed Medical Systems / ASG Superconductors

Open 0.5T Gradient Amplifier System 300A/350V

Magnet Power Supply for High Temperature Superconductive 0.5T Magnet

MRI Gradient Coil Cooling System, RF Penetration Panel



Selection of References to Other Customers:

Amplifier System 420A for military

Amplifier System 200A/750V for industrial application

Gradient Amplifier System 650A/350V for 1.0T MRI

Gradient Amplifier System 200A/380V for 0.35T MRI

Gradient Amplifier System 300A/350V for 4,7-9.4T MRI

Gradient Amplifier System 400A/750V for 4,7-11,7T MRI

Gradient Amplifiers 175A/350V for MRI

Multichannel Amplifier System 400 A/350V with total output power over 100 kW

Single Channel Gradient Amplifier Systems

High Stability Magnet Power Supplies with different output currents

Bipolar Magnet Power Supply System 1950A/600V with 10 ppm accuracy level

Bipolar Multichannel Magnet Power Supply 350A/300V

Bipolar Multichannel Magnet Power Supply 500A/300V

Bipolar Multichannel Magnet Power Supply 700A/600V

Bipolar Multichannel Magnet Power Supply 200Apk/350V

12 channel Bipolar Multichannel Magnet Power Supply 150 Apk/50 Arms/350 V

Unipolar Magnet Power Supply 2000A/300V

Amplifier systems and magnet power supplies in over 300 universities and research institutes.