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Voltage regulators for synchronous machines & subassemblies

In 1986 IECO started cooperation with ABB Finland in designing and manufacturing voltage regulators (AVR). Since then, a versatile line of excitation products, subassemblies and control cabinets have been created. Product rights of the digital AVR originally developed by IECO were sold to ABB Switzerland in year 2000. This AVR subsequently formed the base of ABB's global Unitrol 1000 product family.


The key products in excitation at IECO are AVR plates & control cabinets and GX300 voltage regulators and their variants. Applications vary from power plants, and ships to small back-up generators.


Since 1986 IECO has delivered 4000 GX regulators including dozens of different excitation plate variations with both single and redundant AVR topology.




DM-10 diode monitor

The diode monitor is used with brushless synchronous generators for detecting diode failure in the rotating rectifier.

The diode failure is detected by measuring the current from the exciter field winding. When one of the diodes in the rotating rectifier fails, an AC current is induced in the exciter field winding. This AC current is summed with the DC current from the regulator. The diode failure is detected by analyzing the frequence induced by the failure.


Commissioning services


In order to supply a full range of services IECO also provides commissioning services for voltage regulators and subassemblies.