Are you looking
for a fast precision
bipolar power supply
from 4 kW upto 300 kW?

Now you have
found one.

Magnet Power Supplies

IECO's unipolar magnet power supplies provide double current density compared to IECO bipolar power supplies. Therefore they are ideal when large currents are needed. Systems upto to 2000 A can be provided.


Systems typically include powerful mains power supply sections, ranging from 20 kW to 240 kW.

10 ppm High Performance Bipolar/Unipolar Power Supplies

PX-Series High performance magnet power supply ±250A - ±3000A, 10 ppm stability level

Unipolar Single/Multi-Channel Power Supplies (10-100 ppm stability class)

PA-200-350-U  150 Adc/350 Vpeak/Single 19" Unit

PA-400-350-U  300 Adc/350 Vpeak/Single 19" Unit

HC-600-U  500 Adc/350 Vpeak/Single 19" Unit

HC-1000-U  1000 Adc/350 Vpeak/Double 19" Unit

AC/DC power supply sections for 15 kW, 30 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW and 200 kW are available for the different customer requirements in combination with above Supplies.