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Gradient Amplifiers

IECO has been designing and manufacturing gradient amplifiers since 1994. Over the years IECO has delivered more than 1000 amplifier systems worldwide to its customers. Amplifiers are utilized in resistive, superconductive and permanent magnet MRI systems, both in human and research scanning systems.

IECO gradient amplifiers have modular design so they can be flexibly matched to a wide range of gradient coils concerning current and voltage. Compact amplifier units can be connected in series or in parallel in Master/Slave operation to gain output voltages up to 1100V and output currents up to 1200A. Multi coil installations can also be supported.


Amplifiers are available in the following standard cabinet configurations, or as single amplifier modules.  Amplifier cabinets include a robust AC-Unit with a power factor correction.

XPA-175-350 is IECO's newest gradient amplifier. It is very compact and has three axis in one 19 " unit (5U).


3-Axis Gradient Amplifier

XPA-175-350 175Apeak/350Vpeak/483x650x222mm/Single 19" Unit (5U)

Compact 3-axis gradient amplifier. Bandwidth of over 10 kHz with excellent noise characteristics. Tuning program to load (31 different coils supported) and versatile diagnostics included. 3 phase or 1 phase AC input supported with an external power supply.

3-Axis Gradient Amplifier Cabinets

GPA-200-350 200Apeak/350Vpeak/600x900x1200mm Cabinet with power supply section

GPA-200-750 200Apeak/750Vpeak/600x900x1800mm Cabinet with power supply section

GPA-400-350 400Apeak/350Vpeak/600x900x1200mm Cabinet with power supply section

GPA-550-350 550Apeak/350Vpeak/600x900x1200mm Cabinet with power supply section

GPA-400-750 400Apeak/750Vpeak/600x900x1800mm Cabinet with power supply section

GPA-550-750 550Apeak/750Vpeak/600x900x1800mm Cabinet with power supply section

GPA 800-350 800Apeak/350Vpeak/600x900x1800mm Cabinet with power supply section


Single Channel Gradient Amplifier Cabinets

1 ch 400Apeak/350Vpeak/600x900x1200mm Cabinet with power supply section

1 ch 400Apeak/750Vpeak/600x900x1200mm Cabinet with power supply section


Power Amplifiers

PA-200-350 200Apeak/350Vpeak/Single 19 " Unit

PA-400-350 400Apeak/350Vpeak/Single 19" Unit

HC-600 550Apeak/350Vpeak/Single 19" Unit

HC-1000 1000Apeak/350Vpeak/Double 19" Unit


Customized configurations are also possible. Please contact IECO for detailed specification information, at