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High Stability Magnet Power Supplies

IECO's unipolar magnet power supplies (MPSU) are high stability units, providing 0,1 ppm stability. This contributes to a very stable magnetic field which is extremely important e.g. in MRI scanning or with High Temperature Superconductive (HTS) magnets for MRI. Due to their switched-mode design, units also operate at higher efficiency than traditional solutions.


Magnet Power Supply (0.1ppm Stability Class)

MPS-80-400 80A/400V/Resistive Application/Double 19" Rack

MPS-160-240 160A/240V/Resistive Application/Double 19" Rack

MPS-80-10 80A/10V/Superconductive Application/Triple 19" Rack

MPS-160-10 160A/10V/Superconductive Application/Triple 19" Rack

MPS-1000-100 1000A/100V/ Magnet Power Supply Cabinet

Other capacity requirements based on customer's request.